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Welcome to Santa’s Little Elf! – bringing the Christmas elf tradition to the UK!

Our Elves are sent by Santa to stay with families throughout December in order to encourage children to behave well and make it onto Santa’s ‘Nice List’.

Each elf arrives directly from the North Pole in his very own customisable travel trunk which also contains his passport, a personalised letter from Santa himself and an assortment of cards, charts, stickers and more, which can be used to encourage positive behaviour and good deeds.


Santa’s Little Elves love to play and with a little help from a mischievous grown-up, they can get up to all sorts of elfcapades while everyone is asleep! Who knows what fun and cheeky situations your child will find their elf in each day?!


Here at Santa’s Little Elf headquarters, we believe we have developed a fun and achievable behaviour system based around the principles of positive reinforcement, allowing the little ones in your life to track his or her own behaviour whilst creating happy memories and fun, new traditions that your whole family can enjoy, all whilst engaging in the spirit and magic of Christmas!