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Below we’ve put together some of our most asked questions and queries. If there’s anything you’d like to know that isn’t listed below – please do get in touch!

What exactly is the Christmas elf tradition?

The Christmas Elf tradition is a fun way to make festive family memories with your children whilst encouraging them to behave well and make it onto Santa’s ‘Nice List’.

Elves arrive from the North Pole from 1st December onwards, sent by Santa to keep a close eye on the children and encourage positive behaviour in the run up to Christmas. What Santa doesn’t know is that each night (with a little help from a mischievous grown up) his elves get up all sorts of elfcapades – climbing the Christmas tree, raiding the fridge, unraveling the loo roll, baking cupcakes – the possibilities are endless. Take a look at our Elf Antics section for more ideas.

Each pack contains a personalised behaviour chart and stickers which records your child’s progress on their quest to make it to Santa’s ‘nice list’. A pack of encouragement cards can be used along the way to reinforce and promote positive behaviour or to give your child specific tasks to complete. On Christmas Eve Santa’s Little Elf will award your child with a certificate to confirm their place on Santa’s ‘nice list’.

Elves are only for Christmas, so when Santa arrives on Christmas Eve, he takes his visiting elf back to the North Pole until next year. Before he leaves, Santa’s Little Elf will leave a personalised goodbye letter for your child, thanking him or her for their hospitality and wishing them a very merry Christmas. With a little help from a grown up, your elf will leave this letter for your child to find on Christmas morning, hopefully leaving your child with lots of wonderful memories too.

What is the best way to use my Santa’s Little Elf pack?

As the grown up, you can decide the best way in which to present your Christmas elf tradition. Some children might need a little extra guidance from their elf to help them to achieve ‘Nice List’ status. In this way, Santa’s Little Elf can be used to encourage kindness, good deeds and positive behaviour.

Alternatively, for those children who already know how to avoid the naughty list, Santa’s Little Elf can be used simply to bring a little fun and festive cheekiness.

Or perhaps a combination of both, our favourite option! This is a great way to encourage good behaviour whilst enjoying lots of family festive fun – the balance is yours to decide.

What’s included in the Santa’s Little Elf pack?

Sometimes all children, especially in the run up to such an exciting time, need a little help to make it on to Santa’s Nice List. To keep your child on the right track and ensure lots of fun and giggles, each Santa’s Little Elf pack includes the following:

  • Santa’s Little Elf Toy
  • A letter from Santa
  • Nice List behaviour chart and stickers
  • Encouragement cards
  • A ‘Nice List’ Certificate
  • An elf passport
  • A Goodbye Letter
  • A customisable Travel Trunk Box


For full details of what’s inside each pack – please click here.

Can Santa’s Little Elf Packs be used in children’s settings outside of the home?

Yes! Our elf packs have been designed to work perfectly in schools, nurseries and day-care providers.

Our pack can be used to enhance your existing behaviour system, with all children working together to achieve their green elf sticker for the day. Blank encouragement cards are provided so that you can tailor your behaviour targets to your particular class or group of children.

As a primary school teacher myself, we know how exciting and busy the final few weeks of Christmas term are and how tricky it can be to get high quality writing out of your little darlings in order to assess their progress, when all they want to do is wind down for the holidays. Imagine their excitement (and indeed the writing opportunities) when you reveal the travel trunk that has been delivered to your class at the beginning of December!

Imagine the mischief Santa’s Little Elf can get up to in your classroom when all the children go home for the evening! See our School’s section for further ideas and resources that you can download and use in your education environment.

What age range are the elf packs suitable for?

Santa’s Little Elf toys have been tested here in the UK to comply with EN71 standards and are CE approved. They are suitable from 3 years old, therefore even very young children can enjoy and participate in the Christmas elf tradition.

As the grown up you can decide how best to present the tradition to your child, whatever their age. For example, younger children will particularly enjoy collecting the elf stickers on their chart whilst counting down the days to Christmas.  Older children will most likely be amused by the more mischievous antics your elf  gets up to and, as the grown up, you can tailor the nature of these antics to suit the age of the child.

Oops! December has already began, have I left it too late?

It’s never too late for festive fun! Elves can arrive anytime from 1st December onwards depending on how long you want to have them to stay. Santa’s Little Elf packs can continue to be sent out until they have all been given lovely families to stay with. Behaviour charts can be completed retrospectively or they can simply be started on the day your elf arrives.

Perhaps Santa’s Little Elf got caught in a snow drift, or maybe he had to stay back in the North Pole to help Santa deal with an errant reindeer – there are lots of reasons why your elf could arrive a little late.

How many Santa’s Little Elf packs should I order?

You may order as many Santa’s Little Elf packs as you would like! One Elf pack per child is the best option to go for if you would like each of your children to receive their own customisable travel trunk and elf.

You also have the option of adding a Sibling Pack to your order if you wish your children to share an elf. The Sibling Pack contains an extra  behaviour chart, set of stickers, and ‘Nice List’ certificate.

When will I receive my order?

A confirmation email will be received following receipt of your order. Orders will be dispatched via Royal Mail’s Signed For service and should arrive within 3-5 days. As we get closer to December we will also introduce a Next Day Delivery option.

The outer packaging will be plain and discreet in order to keep the magic alive until the time comes to reveal your elf! If you wish to have an elf sent to an address outside of the UK please contact us for a price for delivery. We can deliver elves anywhere within the EU only.

How do I let you know if I am dissatisfied?

Oh no! We’re really sorry to hear that.

Please contact us with details of the issue and we will get back to you very soon to try and resolve your query.