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What’s Inside Our Lovely Elf Packs?

Santa’s Little Elf Packs have been carefully designed to include all the items your child will need to help them on their quest to make it onto Santa’s Nice List!

Each elf arrives directly from the North Pole in his very own travel trunk box within which there is even a bedroom for elf to sleep! The elf’s bedroom can be coloured or customised so your child can really give him a home to be super proud of! Take a peek under the bed and you will find an elf passport, a personalised letter from Santa himself and an assortment of cards, charts, stickers and more, which can be used to encourage positive behaviour and good deeds.

Take a look below to find out more about what’s included in our Elf Pack!

Santa’s Little Elf Toy

Cute and cuddly with a cheeky smile and a traditional elf outfit, your elf has been designed to appeal to children of varying ages.

Each elf measures approximately 31cm long and features long arms and Velcro covered palms of hands,  allowing your elf to wrap his or her arms around things and hang from high places. The elves have also been designed to sit unaided.

A personalised letter from Santa

Personalised with your child’s name and sent from the man himself, this letter explains the elf tradition and why your elf has come to stay.

Nice List behaviour chart and stickers

The chart is designed to record your child’s behaviour in the lead up to Christmas with the aim of achieving ‘Nice List Status’ by Christmas Eve when Santa is due to arrive.

Each day is represented by a number on the track and a traffic light coded elf sticker is awarded to help your child to monitor their own progress on their quest to Santa’s Nice List! Positive behaviour can be rewarded with a green elf sticker. Amber and red elf stickers are to be used at a grown up’s discretion to record less than positive behaviour.

Encouragement Cards

A set of 15 cards your elf can use (with a little help from a grown up!) alongside the behaviour chart to reinforce positive behaviour following good days or to offer guidance and encouragement following less than good days. They can be used to give your child a task such as ‘make someone laugh today’ or to encourage specific behaviours such as ‘use kind words’ or perhaps to offer some positive reinforcement, for example ‘you’re doing great – keep it up!’.

Each set of 15 cards includes 5 blanks which you can use to write more personalised tasks or messages for your child.

A ‘Nice List’ Certificate

An official, Santa certified certificate awarding your child their ‘Nice List Status’. On Christmas Eve, following your child’s completion of their behaviour chart, your elf will award your child with their certificate. The certificate has a space for you to write your child’s name and has been signed by Santa himself and his Head Elf, Jingle McPringles!

Travel Documentation

This provides your child with a little more fun information about their elf and his personality. There are 10 versions of this passport produced each festive season and if you order more than one elf for your family, we will ensure that you do not receive two the same. Features include; an elf photograph, your elf’s name, it’s likes and dislikes, favourite colour and special skills. Elves are extremely talented individuals!

A Goodbye Letter

Before he leaves on Christmas Eve, your elf will leave a personalised goodbye letter for your child, thanking them for having him to stay.