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Schools and Nurseries

Our elf packs have been designed to work perfectly in schools, nurseries and day-care providers.

Our pack can be used to enhance your existing behaviour system, with your children working together as a team to achieve their green elf sticker for the day. Blank encouragement cards are provided so that you can tailor your behaviour targets and task cards to your particular class or group of children. Santa’s Little Elves who are chosen to visit schools have specific likes and dislikes too. They dislike messy classrooms and like children who work their socks off! In this way, you can be sure your elf will encourage your pupils to keep up their high standards throughout the festive period.

As a primary school teacher myself, I know how exciting and busy the final few weeks of Christmas term are and how tricky it can be to keep children on task and get high quality writing out of them in order to assess their progress, when all they want to do is wind down for the holidays. Imagine their excitement (and indeed the writing opportunities) when you reveal the travel trunk that has been delivered to your class at the beginning of December! Who or what could be inside? Where has it come from? How did it get here? Why has it been delivered to our class? Imagine the mischief Santa’s Little Elf can get up to in your classroom at lunchtime or when all the children go home for the evening.


Our elf with a great behaviour card for Schools and Nurseries

In addition to your standard elf pack, you will receive an A3 size classroom behaviour chart. You can also download a range of free resources to keep your pupils busy. Your Elf brings with him a range of exciting ideas for writing opportunities and downloadable elf writing templates, activities and puzzles.

To place an order for a school and nursery elf pack, add the standard elf pack as normal to your shopping basket and add a message to state your order is for a schools and nursery pack.

You may use these resources for classroom use only. By placing your order you accept these copyright terms and conditions.